A New Coat

Ya’ll it happened… it was there…..I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!  I was sitting on the toilet and right before my eyes….I saw it…. 9 years worth of filth.  No mistaking it, there was dirty hand prints, smudges, cobwebs, and yes….even…. it’s too horrible to say…..chips in the paint.  Painstakingly scrubbing and desperately wanting clean walls, I had to face the fact…. it was time…. TO PAINT!!!

Perhaps it was paint fumes or the thrill of watching the paint dry, my mind began to wander.  Looking over the past 40 years of my life, I couldn’t count the numerous times my life was covered in stains, dust and plain old dirt and grime.  The choices I made caused my mind, heart and soul to become muddy.

With every stroke of my paintbrush, a fresh new life to the room was created. Just like the new coat of  paint, Jesus has cleansed my life.  Forgiveness clears away any muddy residue.  Like after a few years, the fresh new coat of paint dulls and needs a new fresher look.   My life is just the same.  I must continue to ask for forgiveness and repent from my sins.

There is nothing like a nice clean room with a fresh coat of paint.  Likewise, there is no feeling like being forgiven and freshly cleansed from repentence.

I’m sure it was the paint fumes!!

God Bless….

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