Trust Him

God whispered something on my heart.

I heard it.

Got busy and forgot about it.

God spoke it again.

I listened to it.

Worked a little towards it.

Felt inadequate.

Didn’t trust I could do it.

Got busy to ignore it.

God told me directly once again.

I heard and listened intently.

Argued that I wasn’t capable.

Looked for excuses.

Ignored it.

God persisted.

Ignored my excuses.

Prompted a change of heart.

I called out for Him.

He listened

Extended His trust.

Accepted my fear and gave me ease.

I got busy with God’s assignment.

I feel stronger, confident and loved.


Enjoy your day.   God bless..

One thought on “Trust Him

  1. So true. HE is patient with our resistant nature . If we only yield to HIS leading, HE provides all we need to complete the assignment.

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