This morning’s love note:  “Smile, God love you.”

“Hey, that’s what my bookmark says!”  my son exclaims.

I smile at his innocence. That has been around a few lifetimes.

“Why don’t you tell Sissy that she needs to smile and to tell someone today?”

Off he ran all smiles.


God loves you.

A warm smile crosses my face. God loves me.

Say it to yourself, “God loves me.”  Go on…. I’ll wait.



Feels good.  I can’t help from smiling knowing God loves me. A constant.  Never ending.  Never failing.  He loves me.


Pure delight.

My heart bubbles over.

And I smile.

God loves me.  That makes me smile. My smile warms a cold sad day.

A contagious smile to share with others.


God. Loves. You!

Today, don’t keep that love all to yourself.  Join me and smile so others can know God’s love for them.

Embrace. Give  a smile away today.  Love as God loves.  Serve a smile to someone who needs it.

God bless…..

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