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He Loves Me…. He Loves Me Not

As a child, I roamed the land around my grandmother’s house.  Her little country house was nestled in a world of greenery.  Her gardens laid to the right of her home where we gorged ourselves on her fruitfulness and bounties.  Behind her house by the creek grew these beautiful tall orange flowers.  I have no idea what they were but I can remember looking up to the sky and be in majestic awe as they towered over me.  Just out her front door and too your left was her giant rose bush and snowball bush.  Once past the snowball bush, her iris patch and wild strawberries could be enjoyed.

I loved her old house with its front porch….. where I shelled beans and peas all summer long.  But it was the dirt drive down from the paved road to her house that I found the most pleasure.   The forestry’s canopy lined the old dirt road.  The canopy shaded the hot summer sun from us as we walked up and down it looking for treasures…… odd shaped rocks, sticks and my favorite the Black-eyed Susans.  I would pluck one bloom and tarry down the road pulling one petal at a time repeating the old wives’ prophesy, “He loves me, He loves me not.”

How silly to put your faith in the petals of a Black-eyed Susan.  I was heartbroken every time it ended on “He loves me not.”  I cried myself silly thinking that I would never marry Bo Duke. I had my heart set on moving out to the Duke farm and living with Uncle Jessie.  ((sigh))

Anyway, the other morning, I picked a couple of daisy blooms.  As I placed them on my kitchen table I remembered those Black-eyed wonders and my little game.  I gazed over those two little blooms.  Their simple beauty.

God’s little wonder.  Simple. Elegant.

I ran my finger across those soft dew-kissed petals.  He loves me.

I saw the impurities, the scars of living out in my attempt of a garden….. bruised petals.  I touched it and wondered if it hurt as bad as my own scars.  He loves me.

He loves me.  Never the other alternative….. never will God say, “He loves me not.”  He loves me in spite of the imperfections and He looks past my scars to see only the simple beauty He created.

Oh, Thank God….. He loves me.

1 John 4:7  Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.

God Bless……


This morning’s love note:  “Smile, God love you.”

“Hey, that’s what my bookmark says!”  my son exclaims.

I smile at his innocence. That has been around a few lifetimes.

“Why don’t you tell Sissy that she needs to smile and to tell someone today?”

Off he ran all smiles.


God loves you.

A warm smile crosses my face. God loves me.

Say it to yourself, “God loves me.”  Go on…. I’ll wait.



Feels good.  I can’t help from smiling knowing God loves me. A constant.  Never ending.  Never failing.  He loves me.


Pure delight.

My heart bubbles over.

And I smile.

God loves me.  That makes me smile. My smile warms a cold sad day.

A contagious smile to share with others.


God. Loves. You!

Today, don’t keep that love all to yourself.  Join me and smile so others can know God’s love for them.

Embrace. Give  a smile away today.  Love as God loves.  Serve a smile to someone who needs it.

God bless…..



Yesterday morning, I sat down to finish my Bible study homework.   Then..


God had a message!  I was left saying, “Huh?”  Then I closed my Bible and workbook and got ready for church.

Have you know, I am sitting there in church singing and praising the Lord.  While the message was being told, it happened.. you know what I mean…


God was dropping a big hint!    I was left saying, “HMMMM.”  Then I packed up my stuff and headed on to the Sunday School breakfast.

I went on with my day.  Did the usual stuff… cleaning up, baking, and painting… Time ticked away but the Huh and HMMMM was very close to my heart and mind.  So, I got ready for my Bible study.  Once I arrived, I settled in and was ready to hear what Beth Moore had to say.

God had a way of threading all the Zaps and Pows into her message.  He was trying to get my attention.  Then…


He got it!!  My attention was all His.  Tears were streaming down my face.  I barely could sit there and listen.  But, God got his point across and I didn’t like what I was learning.

My Bible study, the music we sang in church, and the message I had heard in worship centered around His love.  His love felt for me.  I don’t doubt His love one bit.  The Bible is full of love notes to me.  But here’s what I discovered…hold on to your seat because it is going to floor you.. it did me…

I have never uttered the words, “I Love You, too.”  Now for those of you who know me personally, you will have a nice bruise on your chin since it just hit the floor… but hear me out…  I have said to others, “I love God and I will do anything for Him.”  But the difference is.. I have never said it to HIM!  And that my friends broke me.

So if you don’t mind, I need to run… I have something I want to tell God!!

God Bless..