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Lost in Thoughts

This morning, the hum of my computer lulled me into a wordless mind.  Words wouldn’t come.  Throughout the morn, I prayed, sought, and words wouldn’t come.

Inspiration left as desperation entered. Mom gone.  Career faded.  Words never came.

I wanted to cry. No tears came.

I wanted to shout.  No sound came.

I wanted to run.  No movement began.

I wanted to hide.  No comfort came.

Unsettled.  No words came.

I held my love note for today.

Tell 5 people God loves them.

Duty. Keeping a promise. I texted three simple words.

I will give God’s love.  Oh, may there be words to follow.  Great inspiration to write.  Words to create from.  Words that would hold a miracle.  Words to come.

Words came.  Great inspiration. Creation. A Miracle……. in 5 replies.

God loves you, too.

Embrace. Give. Love. Serve.

Little Love Notes

The waves lap at the bottle holding a tiny message of love.  It rolls along the shore until the delicate hand of the young maiden pulls it from the ocean blue.

Love letter.

Nothing more romantic than a love letter in a bottle.

Perhaps a tale of a broken heart scribbled on the tattered page.  A joyful hopeful heart desiring to find the one true love.

Sigh…. I’m a sucker for love.

Dear Friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.  1 John 4:11

God loves me.  Loves you.  Loves us, both.  He loved us before we were even created in our mother’s womb.  His perfect love isn’t meant for us to selfishly hoard.  It is to be shared.

God freely loves us. Unconditionally.  Never ending.  Something I sometimes take advantage of or take it for granted…… I’m a selfish being.  Maybe forgetful.  Probably.  Both.

It is to be shared.

To friends.

To neighbors.

To loved ones.

To strangers.

Shared. Love. Freely given.

God’s words, “Embrace. Give. Love. Serve,” echoes deeply within.

Love notes scribbled on pretty paper.

Placed in a jar.

Made ready to share.

Some are scriptures. Others are simple gestures.

Giving love, freely, unconditionally, like Christ.

Give  God’s love to someone else.

Embrace, Regina. Give. Love. Serve.  Give your love away, one heartbeat at a time.

God bless…..

How To Make Your Love Notes Jar

1.  Find a jar.  I had this one tucked back in one of my kitchen cabinets.  I used scrapbook sticker letters.  [As you might see in one of the close up shots... the "O" was torn.... Oh well, it adds character.]

2.  Scraps of paper are used to make the slips for the love notes.  I used some pretty scrapbook paper I had around here.  I wrote scripture addresses on the slips.  [I googled, "God's promises of Love", and just copied them down.] I also wrote little love orders, like:  send a friend a note, tell 3 people “God loves you,” Smile at 5 strangers today, write “God loves you” on Facebook….. things like that.

3.  Fold the scraps and put them in the jar. Take one out each day and do what it says….. Give love.


Finding Perseverance

If you haven’t been following me long, you may or may not know that I inspire to be a published author.  My hope has worn thin a few times.  My attempts to have a children’s picture book published were rejected.  I took it personally and felt like a failure.  Every day when I sit down to write my blog post, I feel the comfort you, my audience brings to me.  Your kind words, acknowledgements and heart felt comments have inspired me in countless ways.

Recently, I have felt like I have hit a major roadblock, writer’s block, to be more precise.  I sit down to work on the fictional story about a young lady who lost her mother at an early age… sound familiar??  I guess the English teacher never left me… I always encouraged my students to write about what they know or have experienced.  So, I understand the loss of death and its impact.  In other words, in many ways, the character of the book is a lot like me.

I can tell when the chapter’s main event strikes a nerve.  I eat more.  I cry more.  I feel like isolating myself more.  I’ve plowed up emotions that I hate to feel.  The story I have created, totally factious, awakens the sorrow and grief I live with everyday.    Sometimes it is so unbearable that I feel like it is torture.  Then I ask why do I do this to myself.  Only to answer with a shrug and say, “Its what I know.”

Heavens, this makes me sound so depressed.. don’t worry, I’m not.  Today, I think I know why I find myself in this writer’s block, or anxiety.  After Bible study, I was thinking about the notion of finding deliverance from a place.  My place is the hold of the loss, or at least the fear of losing again.  As I was making lunch, I was listening to a Made to Crave webcast.  Lysa Terkeurst read this Bible passage:

2 Thess 3:5:  May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.

I stopped and thought for just a moment.  Have I allowed the Lord to direct my heart into his love?  Probably not entirely.   When I get into this “funk” for a lack of better terms, I don’t bask in His love.  I bask in loss.  He can easily allow me to be with mom at any given moment.  But, he doesn’t.. I still have so much to do for His ministry.  So why feel like this is torture?  Why not learn form it? Why not allow God’s love to penetrate and fill me?

Then I thought about Christ’s perseverance.  He went through so much just for me.  He was beaten but he never looked back.  He was cursed and yet he still continued to move forward to his destiny.  He was robbed of a full adulthood here on earth.  But he didn’t put a stop to it with 10,000 angels.  He persevered.  He continued onward with God in his sights.  He gave up so much for me and you when he didn’t really have to..

Then I heard a gentle whisper…. it confirmed the reason I do this… so others can find God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.  Well, if I can live through it, anyone can.  Learn from me, it is a whole lot easier with and in God’s love.  And with that love…there’s perseverance.

Enjoy your Tuesday.. And as always, God bless…

Better Than Life

How often do you sit and think about God’s love?  Do you realize the magnitude of His love?  Here’s the tough question… do you believe He loves you as much as He says?

One of my memory verses this week is Psalm 63:3.

Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.

Now, I am going to be very honest here.  I know God loves me..without a doubt.. but I never thought about His love in terms of being better than life.  Have you?  I have experienced times when I know His love for me has improved my life.  I have lived moments when I am completely engulfed by His love and the feeling is indescribable.  Again, to be honest, I never thought about His love being better than life.  But now that I sit here and think about it..it really is better than life.

I am thinking right now about all the love in my life.  My family, Mark and the kids, and their love for me makes life better.  The love I feel from friends… makes life better.  But the love of family and friends is just a small comparison to the magnitude of God’s love for me.  His love can not be measured on the same scale… it is not humanly possible.


Now that I really think about it…God’s love IS better than life.  Please excuse me, I need to go praise Him.

Enjoy your Monday… Oh, I do hope yours isn’t a rainy Monday!!  Oh, can we congratulate Theresa for winning the book, Love Notes in Lunchboxes. Theresa send me an email at regina@reginadettra.com so I can get this book to you.

God bless…



Yesterday morning, I sat down to finish my Bible study homework.   Then..


God had a message!  I was left saying, “Huh?”  Then I closed my Bible and workbook and got ready for church.

Have you know, I am sitting there in church singing and praising the Lord.  While the message was being told, it happened.. you know what I mean…


God was dropping a big hint!    I was left saying, “HMMMM.”  Then I packed up my stuff and headed on to the Sunday School breakfast.

I went on with my day.  Did the usual stuff… cleaning up, baking, and painting… Time ticked away but the Huh and HMMMM was very close to my heart and mind.  So, I got ready for my Bible study.  Once I arrived, I settled in and was ready to hear what Beth Moore had to say.

God had a way of threading all the Zaps and Pows into her message.  He was trying to get my attention.  Then…


He got it!!  My attention was all His.  Tears were streaming down my face.  I barely could sit there and listen.  But, God got his point across and I didn’t like what I was learning.

My Bible study, the music we sang in church, and the message I had heard in worship centered around His love.  His love felt for me.  I don’t doubt His love one bit.  The Bible is full of love notes to me.  But here’s what I discovered…hold on to your seat because it is going to floor you.. it did me…

I have never uttered the words, “I Love You, too.”  Now for those of you who know me personally, you will have a nice bruise on your chin since it just hit the floor… but hear me out…  I have said to others, “I love God and I will do anything for Him.”  But the difference is.. I have never said it to HIM!  And that my friends broke me.

So if you don’t mind, I need to run… I have something I want to tell God!!

God Bless..